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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Late Summer – Earth Element

The Days of Summer are winding down and we find ourselves transitioning into the season of the Earth element. The Earth element is known as the 5th season which has no exact start or end date. It covers the time from late Summer to the start of Autumn.

During this time we start to focus on the digestive system, in particular, the stomach and the spleen. These organs play an important role in our overall health and wellbeing. Recent research shows a direct link between mental health and gut health and the immune system. The gut is responsible for releasing serotonin; in other words the "happy hormones." When we feel an inner shift inside us that does not align with feeling confident, grateful and joyful we should consider our gut health.

The Earth element represents: Stability, Steadiness, Grounding, Nurturing, Nourishment and a sense of knowing that everything will be OK. No matter where you are in life today, plant your feet and feel the Earth’s solidness. Feel Her heat from the sole of your feet and connect with the source. Re-ground, re-connect, and re-affirm your place in this world.

In our Tai Chi classes over the next 4 weeks, we will be doing a Qigong practice for the Earth Element which will help us to support our Stomach and Spleen.

The practice includes the following exercises:

A Mudra Meditation (hand gestures to allow the free flow of energy around the body)

Separating Heaven and Earth

Carrying the Moon

Twisting Waist, and Pushing Palms

These 3 exercises all support the Stomach and Spleen by stretching along the ribs to open up the meridian that runs down the sides of the ribs.

Balancing The Rainbow

Just as Earth balances the opposing forces of Yin and Yang this exercise helps us to balance all the different roles we have in our lives.

Cheeky Monkey Steals Earths Energy

A really fun exercise using the Monkeys role in the Earth element to steal some of Earths energy for ourselves.

Mudra Meditation

To finish we revisit our Mudra meditation using the space to clear out anything which currently feels out of balance for us.

During This time of transition from Late Summer to Autumn there are ways we can help to support our Earth Element, Stomach and Spleen and gain some extra VITALITY.

SING – The sound of the earth element is singing so put some music on and sing along and why not dance while your there.

THINK HAPPY- Be careful what you mentally digest. Good thoughts = Happy gut. This is a perfect time of year to think about our relationship with social media and the news and to create boundaries around screen time.

NOURISH YOURSELF- It goes without saying you have to eat well but also take some time to nourish yourself: take some down time: read, draw, create, nourish your creative side.

DON’T WORRY – If your earth element is out of balance you will be prone to worry and obsessive thought patterns . Too much worry depletes the Spleen qi and can give rise to several physical ailments, such as a nervous stomach, poor appetite, forgetfulness, low energy, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and other inflammatory disorders. To protect the Earth element and support gut health, engage in activities or wellness practices that help liberate your mind from worrisome thoughts, and do your best to avoid emotional eating, as this further taxes the Spleen and Stomach Qi. FIND YOUR CENTRE – Find activities that keep you centred and grounded; focus on what nourishes and fulfils you and those you care about.

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