Beginners Tai Chi


6.00pm -7.00pm

Leweston School

Beginners Classes are for people with little or no experience of Tai Chi.  

The classes start with a gentle warm up followed by learning and performing some Tai Chi forms.   We finish class with a gentle relaxing 15 minute qigong.

No special clothes or equipment are required and the whole class is done standing up.  Chairs are provided for people who find it difficult to stand. The first 35 minutes of the class is for beginners and is centred around Qigong practices.

Intermediates Tai Chi


10.40 - 11.15am

Leigh Village Hall


This class if for people who are familiar with Tai Chi.

We are currently learning the 24 form and the 88 form.

There is currently a waiting list for this class so please do get in touch to discuss if you would like to attend.


Tai Chi Clinic

Thursdays 9am-9.45am

Leigh Village Hall


I run a Tai Chi clinic for anyone wanting to work on a particular move or form on a one to one basis or in a smaller group.   Please contact me for more information.