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Spring; a Time For Growth and Falling in Love with your Liver

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Spring has sprung and according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Spring is a time of growth and the time to love your liver. Spring is a time when plants are bursting with energy and pushing upwards out of the cold frosty ground to create new life. That same energy is happening in your body. Within us all there is energy (known as Qi) moving up and outward. TCM believes that each season has its own Qi, or energy, and this seasonal Qi allows different things to change. The Liver is the organ related to Spring energy. Just as the energy of growing plants pushes upward, so too does your Liver Qi in your body.

If your Liver Qi is unbalanced, your body will also feel unbalanced as Springtime arrives. Our bodies are always communicating with us and trying to tell us what’s going on deep inside. All we have to do is listen.

The Liver is responsible for maintaining the smooth flow of Qi and blood. It also helps our emotions flow smoothly. Some symptoms of an unbalanced liver are mood swings, anger, frustration or irritability. These can manifest themselves in headaches at the top of the head, high blood pressure, tendon problems, and eye issues, such as blurry vision, floaters, dry or itchy eyes, or a change in vision. Since the Liver has a close relationship with the Stomach, digestive issues like indigestion, bloating and burping can occur, especially in Springtime.

So, what can you do to help support your Liver and make a smooth transition into Spring?

1. Relax Take a nice long walk in the park or do other gentle exercises to relax your mind, body, and spirit.

2. Cut down on Alcohol and over the counter pain medication to preserve your Liver’s energy and give it a break.

3. Exercise There are some great qigong exercises for balancing the liver like; Punching with an angry gaze, Bending the bow to shoot the golden eagle, Twisting waist and pushing palms and Repulse the monkey. These lovely exercises work by clearing stagnant qi in the liver meridian and by massaging the liver.

4. Rub the acupressure point called “Taichong” every day to stimulate a key point on your Liver channel. It’s on top of your foot where the big toe bone meets the second toe bone. Press and massage this spot on both feet with your thumb. If it’s sore, you’re hitting all the right spots.

5. Water: People today often do not drink enough water. Try adding a slice of lemon to your water as the vitamin C and minerals will boost your bodily functions and enhance the cleansing process, sweeping out wastes. Flushing your liver is like giving your body a good pre-wash.

The following list of foods are also great for boosting your liver Qi:

· Almonds

· Coconut

· Walnuts

· Sunflower seeds

· Olives

· Bananas

· Avocados

· Papaya

· Kefir

· Pineapple

· Miso

· Soy sauce

· Green Tea Catechins (antioxidants) from green tea increase the activity of pepsin (digestive enzyme), the digestive enzyme that breaks down proteins in the stomach.

Fall in love with your liver this spring and it will reward you with kindness :)


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