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Shibashi Set 1 Instructional Video

18 Movements Shibashi Set 1


1. Commencing the Form - Strengthens Earth Qi and calms the Liver Qi if overactive. Why?  Absorbs the cool Yin quality of Earth Qi as the arms are lifted and transforms physical tensions while the arms are lowered


2. Broadening one’s Chest – Strengthens the heart and lungs. Why? Opens and expands Qi in the chest.


3. Dancing with Rainbows – Strengthens the stomach/digestion, heart, triple heater, connecting Laogong point to Baihui point. Why? The rocking motion from leg to leg creates a strong connection with Earth Qi through the weight bearing foot. Because the arms are held in a raised position this encourages Earth Qi to be absorbed upwards and into the stomach organ.


4. Circling Arms – Strengthens the heart and lungs. Why? The arm movements flush Qi along the arm meridians, and particularly the heart, lung and pericardium meridians in the chest.


5. Repulse the Monkey – Works on the gall bladder and liver.

 Why? The twisting movements unblock and disperse Qi in these meridians.


6. Rowing the Boat – Strengthens the kidney and bladder. Why? The bending exercise stretches the bladder meridian that runs down the back of the torso and stretches and compresses the physical kidneys, helping the circulation of blood through them.


7. Holding a Ball – Strengthens the spleen. Why? The lifting movements activate the spleens lifting and holding function.


8. Carrying the Moon – Strengthens the spleen, with some liver and gall bladder work. Why?  This is similar to the movement above.


9. Twisting Waist & Pushing Palms – Works on the digestion (bowels, bladder), large intestine. Why? Moves Qi in the Lower and Middle dantien. The hand positions opens and tonifies the large Intestine meridian.


10. Playing with Clouds – Is calming, relaxes the eyes. Why? Letting go or allowing the eyes to relax during this movement affects our consciousness.

11. Scooping from the Sea – Strengthens the heart and lungs; connects Earth and Heaven Qi. Why? Opens and expands the Qi in our chest which helps to strengthen the heart and lungs. The rocking movements connect us to the Earth.


12. Playing with Waves – Strengthens the kidney, bladder. Why? The rocking action stimulates the Yongquan point on the soles of the feet.


13. Spreading your Wings – Strengthens the heart and lungs. Why? Opens and expands the Qi in the chest


14. Punching – Strengthens the digestion - bowels. Why? Moves Qi in the lower dantien which affects the bowels


15. Flying like a Wild Goose – Strengthens the heart and lungs. Why? Opens and expand Qi in the chest.


16. Spinning Wheels – Works on the bowel, liver, kidney meridians. Why? The circling action of the waist facilitates bowel and liver function, with the downward movement flushing the kidneys.


17. Bouncing the Ball – Helps with mental and physical co-ordination.  Why? Co-ordination of the arms and legs helps to harmonise the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Swinging the arms makes the blood move and eliminates stagnated Qi in the upper body. Marching on the spot stimulates all the Qi channels which are found in the bottoms of the feet.


18. Pressing the Palms - Connecting heaven and earth; this is also an important movement to return the Qi to the dantien. Why? The ascending and descending movements absorb the Yin quality of Earth Qi and the Yang quality of Heaven Qi

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