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Tai Chi 24 Form

1.           Commence

2.           Parting The Horse’s Mane (x3 L,R,L)

3..          White Crane Spreads its Wings

4.           Brush Knee and Side Step (x3 L,R,L)

5.           Playing the Lute

6.           Step Back and Repulse Monkey (x4)

7.           Grasp the Peacocks Tail (L and R)


8..          Single Whip

9.           Clouds Hands (Stepping Left x 3)

10.         Single Whip

11.         High Pat on Horse

12.         Kick with Right Heel

13.         Strike Opponents’ Ears with Fists


14.        Turn and Kick with Left Heel

15.        Snake Creeps Down

16.        Golden Cockerel Stands on one leg (left)

17.        Snake Creeps Down

18.        Golden Cockerel Stands on one leg (Right)

19.        Lady Weaves her Shuttle (R, L)


20.       Needle at Sea Bottom (left on toe weight on right)

21.       Flash Arms

22.       Turn right Parry and Punch

23.       Embrace the Tiger

24.       Close

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