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Fragrant Qigong "Ahh The Smell of It"

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

15 minutes, 15 exercises that can and will change your life. From illness to health from confusion to clarity, from stress to calm, and sadness to happiness. The millions of people that practice Fragrant Qigong are a testament to this. These exercises bring enormous therapeutic effects and have helped millions of people all over the world recover from illnesses and diseases, cope with stress better, and overcome anxiety and depression.

It is said that if one person in the household practices Fragrant Qigong then the whole household benefits. This is because the person practicing becomes calmer and happier as well as healthier and this better energy has a way of rubbing off on those around you.

The thing I have found most interesting about these exercises is the ability they have to change your mindset and your mental ability. I no longer have negative thoughts about myself or my life. I am more alert, sharper, and more intuitive than I have ever been.

There are 3 levels or rather 3 different sets of exercises. The first set of 15 exercises has the ability to heal you from disease and illnesses and the second set of 15 exercises are practiced for continued health and longevity. The third set is a closely guarded secret (more about that later) The name "Fragrant Qigong" comes from the amazing fragrance that you can smell when you do the exercises.

The story behind these exercises is that they were practiced by Buddhist monks over two thousand years ago but kept as a closely guarded secret. Then in 1938, a 12-year-old boy called Tian Rui-sheng was very sick and dying and his family were too poor to pay for a doctor. One evening an old monk knocked on their door looking for somewhere to stay for the night. When he saw the boy he told the family he could cure him by teaching him Fragrant Qigong. He taught him how to do the exercises in secret and told the boy that he must not pass it on or teach it to any other people for 50 years. After 2 months of doing the exercises, The boy was healed and fifty years later, in May 1988, he introduced the world to Fragrant Qigong.

Within a couple of years, he became famous in China and cured thousands of people of diseases and illnesses. There are many testaments to people being cured of all kinds of illnesses and diseases after learning and practicing Fragrant Qigong. The stories of his healing work are endless and all because he practiced Fragrant Qigong every day and got others to do the same.

Master Tian says it is ok to learn the first level of 15 exercises from a video and I have included a link to a youtube video of the first level below. But the second level should be learned only from a qualified Qigong teacher who understands and has studied this form of Qigong. You can do level 1 while watching TV, in a car, on the phone, walking, etc. It consists mainly of movements of the upper body. It should be practiced for a minimum of 3-6 months, while you become healthy, before moving on to the set of level 2 exercises.

Always do the exercises with a smile on your face and be relaxed. Have a positive attitude so the mind and body can unite to fight disease.

As for level 3, This level has only been taught to a privileged few. I am doing a lot of research to get to the bottom of it and as soon as I do you will be the first to know. Watch this Space!!

My Book on Fragrant Qigong, which includes a free instructional Video, and a free 90-Day Challenge Journal is Available Now, Please Click on the Button Below for More Information.

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